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“Both our sons have attended First Presbyterian Church Preschool. We have experienced almost all the teachers, and that’s what really stands out for me, the quality of the teachers. The teachers are phenomenal. The preschool teachers are dedicated, fun, playful, and clearly very experienced. Christopher’s preK teacher is fantastic – she’s firm when she needs to be, creative and playful and yet nothing gets past her! She has a great handle on the classroom and her ability to teach in this play based environment is a parent’s dream. First Presbyterian is a gem of a preschool that my husband and I feel very lucky to have found. The preschool enabled our boys to socialize and play, yet it prepares them brilliantly for elementary school.”

–Emma and David McCulloch, San Mateo, CA

“At First Presbyterian Preschool, the teachers let kids be kids but also foster development by meeting each child’s unique needs and styles. The classrooms offer a creative and diverse array of activities for the children to engage in and explore and I love watching the children jump from one activity to another like busy little bees. We especially love the community of families that attend First Presbyterian Church Preschool and the shared Christian values. It has been a great school for our son and I know he will be well prepared for Kindergarten.”

–Dana Gifford, Hillsborough, CA

“My family loves FPCP’s community. The preschool has a great mix of working parents and those that stay-at-home. Everyone is supportive and involved. The volunteer opportunities really set FPPS apart! Though it’s not a full co-op, having the chance to participate in the classroom, help out, and get to know my daughter’s friends on an almost monthly basis has been fantastic. For me it’s the perfect balance of being active in my child’s education while still being free to pursue my other interests and responsibilities. I’m also extremely impressed with the quality of the curriculum in the classroom. As an early childhood educational specialist, I was looking for a play based approach that utilized enriched curriculum from a multi-sensory point of view. FPCP has more than delivered! My daughter loves school and has really blossomed under her teachers’ expert care!”

–Katie Johnson, San Mateo, CA

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