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Parent Participation

Parent participation is vital to our preschool program. Parents sharing their knowledge of the child, and teachers sharing their knowledge of how children grow and learn foster a cooperative responsibility for nurturing the child in a period when growth is rapid.

We offer a partial buyout option for a limited number of students in each class.  If you choose to do a partial buyout, you will participate fewer days and pay a higher tuition rate.

CLASS                                 FULL  PARTICIPATION                      PARTIAL  BUY-OUT
M-TH PreK                           10 days – $728.00/mo.                        5 days – $874.00/mo.
MWF PreK                              8 days – $551.00/mo.                        4 days – $661.00/mo.

MWF 3’s                                 8 days – $464.00/mo.                         4 days – $557.00/mo.
TTH 3’s                                   6 days – $350.00/mo.                         3 days – $420.00/mo.

MWF 2’s                                 8 days – $308.00/mo.                         4 days – $370.00/mo.

Participation days are assigned at the beginning of the year, and can then be rearranged and switched among parents to suit changing schedules.

Pre-enrollment conferences are held for all parents in our 2-year-old programs before school starts. Back-to-School conferences are held for parents in our 3’s and PreK programs once school begins.  One of the classroom teachers will meet with the parent(s) to discuss his/her individual child. This is a great way for our teachers to meet each family and become familiar with each child’s early experiences as well as the goals of the family for the child. In addition, mid-year conferences for 3- and 4-year-old/Pre-K class parents are scheduled between parents and a teacher each school year. Other conferences may be held upon request by parent, teacher, or director.

Additional opportunities for parent involvement are offered through meetings, parenting education, and discussion groups.

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