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Enrollment Policy

The Preschool Task Force, has established the following policy regarding application acceptances for the school. It is our intent to assure fair and consistent consideration of all applicants. Admission is open to any child without regard to race, color, religious preference, or national or ethnic origin. Applications are accepted at any time and dated upon receipt of the application fee. Those wishing to retain their priority points must apply by February 15th prior to Fall enrollment.

Classes are filled for the following September according to priority points and date of application. Parents are notified of placement mid-March. A non-refundable Registration Fee equal to two month’s tuition is required upon enrollment. This payment then covers the first month’s tuition and May tuition for the school year.

Enrollment priority is given based on the following point system:

  • 2 Points: Active FPCB member parent on or before February 15 of enrollment year
  • 1 Point: Family currently enrolled in our school OR
  • 1 Point: Graduated sibling from our Pre-K class
  • ½ Point: Applying child is currently enrolled.
  • No Points: New to school, not eligible for points above
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