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Welcome to our Preschool!

Since 1964, First Presbyterian Church Preschool has been providing superior preschool education to children throughout the community.


Our Preschool’s mission has been to provide a play-based, developmentally appropriate program for children ages two through five, in an environment that is loving and respectful toward each child’s needs. We aim to inspire curiosity in each child, while emphasizing development of social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. You, together with highly qualified teachers, help cultivate individual growth through activities, conversation, encouragement and challenges.

We strive to offer an enriching preschool education that is consistent with the Christian teachings of burlpres Church. We believe our Preschool is an outreach and a service to the surrounding community. Through songs, stories and monthly visits to our Chapel, children will learn about God and Jesus. All who enroll here are informed of our relationship to the Church and that our faith will be shared with the children in developmentally appropriate ways. We also encourage families of different faiths and cultures to share their traditions in the classroom.

First Presbyterian Church Preschool is a non-profit school, responsible to the Session of burlpres Church. We are licensed by the State of California (License #410500240).

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